Love and happiness are the two best words to describe Mr. and Mrs. Viljoen’s special day that they shared with their friends and family at the beautiful Benedetto On Vaal wedding venue with its stunning garden and luscious lawn next to the Vaal River.

Walking down the aisle towards her groom the couples’ love for each other lit up the chapel. After having their photos taken the couple entered the stunningly decorated reception hall where their friends and family awaited them.

When it was time for the couples’ first dance they increased the level of romance by making use of our dancing on clouds and indoor fireworks service. This romantic moment was followed by friends and family dancing the night away while laughter filled the air.

We at Vaal Wedding wish Mr. and Mrs. Viljoen a lifetime together filled with love for each other that will forever keep on growing.

The spectacular Oakfield Farm wedding venue with its lush gardens and the oak tree was the perfect setting for Marelie and Jacques Nel’s autumn wedding.

As the bride walked down the aisle of the bright and airy chapel one immediately got the feeling that this was going to be a day filled with love and romance. This was even more evident in the reception hall that was immaculately decorated with lovely white flowers, fairy lights, and candles on the tables.

With the first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Nel, the couple made use of our dancing on clouds service, this was the start of an evening filled with love and guests dancing the night away.

We at Vaal Wedding DJ wish Mr. and Mrs. Nel a lifetime of love and happiness.

Henco and Shereé pledged their undying love to each other on 3 September 2021 in front of friends and family at the lovely Benedetto On Vaal.

The reception hall screamed style and glamour with breathtaking centerpieces and the main table featuring lovely flowers and loads of candles that created a very romantic atmosphere, ideal for this couple whose love for each other shined even brighter than all the candles put together. To help add to the style and beauty of the couple’s dream day we at Vaal Wedding DJ lit up the reception hall with uplights and a custom-made monogram. With a sparkle in their eyes and smiles on their faces, the couple had their first dance together as Mr. and Ms. Nortjé while we turned on the WOW factor with our dancing on clouds and indoor cold sparkles service.

Henco and Shereé, we at Vaal Wedding DJ wish you a lifetime of happiness, and may your flame of love always shine as bright as it did on your wedding day.

Smiles that light up an entire room and love that fills the air, this is the best way to describe Gerrie and Ané van Zyl on their special day.
The couple decided to share their wedding day with their loved ones at the ever so stunning
Benedetto On Vaal Venue. After the service, the couple went to have their photos taken (by the talented team at RdJ Photography) next to the river and in the breathtaking gardens. With guests waiting in the reception hall the couple made their grand entrance and immediately had their first dance together as Mr. and Ms. Van Zyl. Our dancing on clouds and indoor fireworks made sure that all eyes were on the couple.
Speeches happened, dinner was enjoyed and then the couple had a surprise for their guests before the party started, it was time for a quick and fun quiz round presented by
VaalQuiz SpeedQuizzing, another service provided by the team at Vaal Wedding DJ
. After all the fun and laughter that was had during the quiz the party started.
We at Vaal Wedding DJ would like to thank Gerrie and Ané for making us part of their special day.
We wish you a lifetime of happiness.

The most beautiful painting that exists in nature itself, painted by God himself. It was this picture that Jana and JP decided they wanted as their backdrop as they got married in front of their close friends and family on 23 September 2020.

The ceremony took place next to the Vaal River where JP was in awe when he saw his bride walking towards him. Thru out the service, the couple couldn’t stop looking at each other with a love that filled the air. Their ring bearer was Padfoot, the couple’s beloved puppy that stole the limelight for a few minutes as he hurried to his mum and dad with his bow tie on and the rings.

While the new Mr. and Ms. Parkin went to have their special day caught on camera their guest enjoyed canapes under the shade of the trees before everyone head off to the lawn for dinner under the night sky. The couple decided that this fairytale wedding needed another element of surprise and the couple took the microphones, sat down, and serenaded their guests, a special moment that left a lump in a few people’s throats.

To Jana and JP, thank you for allowing us to be part of your special day. Your wedding was most certainly not just like something from a fairy tale but also one for the books.

Mr. and Ms. Gerber got married at a lovely game lodge and bush spa where everything was organized to a T. After the service the couple made use of the picturesque surroundings that the game lodge offers for their first photoshoot together as Mr. and Ms. Gerber. The love this couple had for each other was evident throughout the night as they laughed and partied the night away with all of their special guests. We at Vaal Wedding DJ would like to thank Mr. and Ms. Gerber for letting us be part of their special day.

The 7th of March 2020 marked the joyous occasion of Jacques and Charlene’s special day, on this day they made it official in front of all of their close friends and family at the picturesque Benedetto On Vaal Wedding Venue that together as Mr. and Ms. Stapelberg is the beautiful place where they want to be.
Formalities and dinner took place in the perfectly decorated hall and after all this was done it was time for the newlyweds to have their first dance together as husband and wife. The couple decided to make this moment as special as possible and made use of Vaal Wedding Djs dancing on clouds service as well as the indoor firework fountains.
Halfway through the first dance, the couple asked their guests to join them on the dance floor and so the party started with a packed dance floor thru out the night.

The story goes that if it rains on your wedding day you will have a blessed wedding and it sure did rain on 29 February 2020. But no amount of rain was going to stop Marli and Jan-Louis from becoming Mr. & Ms. Bezuidenhout.

The couple decided to tie the knot at Clivia Lodge with its beautiful gardens next to the Vaal River. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t allow the couple to get married next to the river but luckily there was a plan B and the venue arranged for the couple to get married inside the reception all.

After the service, the skies opened up allowing the couple to have their photos taken in the garden that looked crisp and clean after all the rain.

Throughout the night Mr. & Ms. Bezuidenhout’s love for each other was evident and every special guest could see that this couple shares a special bond that will last a lifetime.

We at Vaal Wedding DJ would like to thank you for allowing us to be part of your special day.

The 22nd of February 2020 was any wedding couple’s nightmare with nature and all elements not playing along, but thru all of this, their love for each other shined thru.

This is something we never do but this couples review was so amazing and explained their day to a “T” and that’s why we decided to use their review on our website instead of writing our own story.

***** Their Review *****

Our Special Day started out PERFECT. Johan and team arrived (as confirmed) at exactly 12:00. I was running a bit late as is the norm with a wedding, and arriving on time put my mind at ease.

The clouds gathered and I still thought: “we’ll be fine”. At least we don’t have to stress about the heat.

The wedding was held at Zeekoe Lodge – Our dream! We’ve ALWAYS wanted to get married on the deck, overlooking the stunning river views. Johan brought two audio systems, one for the ceremony by the river and one for the reception held under a tent (reception-area). He specifically recommended this to make sure we have the perfect day, without the stress of logistical problems with regards to the sound.

The clouds gathered and by 14:00 it poured with rain! Non Stop! Speaker stands started to get wet, the tent started to flood…There was mud everywhere!!!!

And then……no power!!!!

Johan came to me and said “don’t worry” we’ll make this work! His re-assurance and ability to calm me down was of great help! He also reassured me that we can use the back-up batteries for the speakers for about 4 hours, before we’d have to connect to the generators. So with Johan’s help not only did we have a back-up Plan B, but a Plan C as well!

The ceremony was scheduled to start at 16:00. With all the rain we decided to have the ceremony and celebrations in the tent to try and combat the sudden downpour of rain. Guests got stuck on the gravel road, other guests were already seated and waiting for the festivities to begin. Johan and Casper played some music and did an excellent job of providing a good atmosphere with all the rain around us.

With all of the above going on we had to postpone the wedding with an hour! So with the ceremony now scheduled to start at 17:00, Johan had a full (ADDED) hour to keep everyone “busy”. At 16:50 it stopped raining the sun started to shine through the clouds, the power was back on and our perfect day, it would seem, might still be possible.

We made a rather quick decision to still have the ceremony at the river, and Johan had exactly 5 minutes to setup some sort of sound system (Microphones included) at the river. Getting out of the tent, setting everything up whilst taking on the flooded and muddy grass was something I did not expect to be even possible – not even considering we only had 5 minutes to do all this. Johan and Casper made it happen. We got married on the deck like we’ve ALWAYS wanted to. From there everything went on without any further hold-ups.

The atmosphere Johan and Casper created through their music, made our guests comfortable enough to take off their shoes, roll up their pants; dance and play in the mud soaked dance floor and tent like it was meant to be that way! Their music was enjoyed till 1:00AM before Johan and Casper started to head home 😋

From the bottom of our hearts we would like to say THANK YOU! You guys tackled the elements with us, improvised and made plans to make sure our special day remained just that: SPECIAL!!! Every obstacle and problem was met with a cool and calm collected professionalism and support!

You Guys ROCK!!! Johan & Casper walked MORE THAN the extra mile (in the mud)! We would recommend this power duo to ANYONE, who needs good entertainment & sound for any of their events!!

21st of December 2019 was the day that Mauritz and Jonique’s sweet story started as husband and wife and they decided to start this new chapter surrounded by friends and family at the captivating Pont De Val.
The couple treated their guests to canapés, gin bar and a boat cruise on the Vaal river as they went to have their wedding photos taken and then came the time for their guests to enter the elegantly decorated reception hall.
After dinner was served and the formalities were done it was time for the bride and groom to open the dance floor where yet another surprise awaited their guests, a few seconds into the song we started up the dancing on clouds and then came the piece de resistance, our indoor fireworks display that we offer our clients. This breathtaking moment is surely one that would be remembered forever.